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Development studies

Baseera have a team of statisticians and political researchers conducting political research and social studies on different topics.

All research tools are available for these researchers that enable them to obtain the necessary data to conduct studies and research. Baseera adopt its methodology( (quantitative or qualitative approach ) upon the topic of the study.

Quantitative studies is descriptive research or explanatory depends on measuring the amount of tools. These studies is applied to a sample of individuals representative of a society to get the results can be generalized to the whole sample community and statistical analysis is used to get the results.

These exploratory or explanatory studies is the research applied to an unlimited number. They use in-depth interview or focus group Focus Group.

Baseera conducted a number of quantitative and qualitative studies, including Project “ Masar Citizenship” project in partnership with Agency for International Development Cooperation Which resulted in two research studies Political Participation in Egypt: Perceptions and Practice. And the looking at public opinion trends in Egypt

Baseera In partnership with University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom conducted a research project on the "Arab transitions" in 7 Arab countries . Baseera was responsible for Egypt research project in which the findings were shared in a conference held in Cairo.

As well as Baseera collaborated with UNESCO in the design of the Info graphic on the opinion of Tunisian and Egyptian youth about the religious discourse and media.