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About Baseera

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera)

Baseera is a Research Center specialized in providing evidence-based solutions and options.

Our state-of-the-art service constantly expands our clients’ base from international organizations, governmental institutions, private sector companies and academic institutions.

Baseera was established in 2012 in Cairo, by a team of academicians and experts with extensive experience in management, social science, and research.

The idea was conceptualized in the aftermath of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, which called for freedom and democracy. In this political and social context, Baseera’s launch came as a response to citizens’ demand for a public sphere believing in citizens’ right to know and proactively disseminate information.

Baseera remains one of very few entities engaged in disseminating information to citizens and bringing their opinions and aspirations to the attention of policy makers.

Recognized as the first independent public opinion research center in Egypt, Baseera rapidly earned trust through its public opinion polls that were extensively covered by the media.

For the first time, Egyptian audience experienced independent polls accurately representing their views and opinions. The poll results’ similarity to election results led to earning trust on the level of citizens and policymakers.

After a decade in the market, Baseera’s mandate extends far beyond public opinion research. Our qualitative and qualitative research services and ability to generate credible, valid, reliable, and timely data was our strength to compete locally and gain new clients in the region.

Baseera’s reputation today is a consequence of our ability to meet clients’ demands, delivering services by a highly professional team committed to professional and ethical standards.