Students Training

Baseera has always sought to have an innovative and creative working group, and in his quest to bring the most efficient elements the center is keen to provide Free training program for students to introduce them to the field.

Baseera has an extensive experience in the field of public opinion polls gained through diverse research areas and various activities of the quantitative research in which Baseera operate

and skills required to work in the field of public opinion polls professionally in Egypt.

The training Program is open to students of the faculties of Economics, Political Science and media universities.

The program duration is two or three weeks, during which during which the trainees acquire many skills through theoretical lectures and practical lectures.

The trainee will be able to formulate the form, experience the method of data collection in all its various stages, analysis results statistically, report writing and presentation and results published in the media.

As well as enable the trainee to develop technical knowledge and research, knowledge of the various aspects of work in public opinion polls and team work.

Also allows each trainee to contribute to the "Number of the Day" a service or to contribute to research projects or scientific studies the center shall implement, to execute the theoretical parts they have her studied during the training program.

At the end of training program the trainees receives an appreciation certificate from the Center based on attendance and their interaction with the lecturers and their response to various training assignments.