Administrative Structure

Baseera has a team of highly qualified members with an extensive experience in different fields of research.

Board Members:

  • Zwail

    Mr. Mohamed Kassem

    Chairman of the Board

    Before pursuing business opportunities in the private sector, Mohamed Kassem had a Foreign Service career for 15 years. His last post was a Commercial Councilor in the Egyptian Embassy in Washington D.C. from 1985-1989.

    Kassem is now Chairman & CEO of World Trading Company –Egypt, a major textiles and apparel exporter, Nanotech International “a total solar energy solution” provider in Egypt and International Building Systems and Equipment Company (IBEC).

    He is also Chairman of Baseera the first independent public opinion research center in Egypt.

    Kassem serves as a Vice Chairman of Africa Cotton and board member of Textile Federation ACTIF and International Textile Manufactures Federation ITMF. He is also a board member of the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI).

    He was recently elected Chairman for the Egyptian Exporters Association Expolink

    Over the years, Kassem helped founding and served as a board member in a host of the other companies span different industries such as textile, ICT, energy, and industrial real estate development.

    He had also helped establish and serves on the board of different NGO’s.

  • Zwail

    Dr. Ahmed Galal

    Former Minister of Finance

  • Zwail

    Dr. Ahmed Fikry Abdel Wahab

    Executive president / General Manager &CEO of Egyptian German Automotive Co. – EGA (S.A.E.)

  • Zwail

    Dr. Ibrahim Awad

    Professor of Public Policies at AUC

  • Zwail

    Dr. Abla Abed Al Latiff

    Professor of Economics at AUC

  • Zwail

    Dr. Mustapha Kamel Al Sayed

    Professor of Political Science at Cairo University

    Mustapha Kamel AL-Sayyid, professor of Political Science at Cairo University, got his PhD from the IUHEI of Geneva University in December 1979, taught Political Science at the Universities of Cairo, American University, Harvard and Colgate, spent a year as Visiting Scholar at UCLA , (1999) and two months as researcher at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington ( July-August 2002).

    He ran successively two development research centers in Cairo from 1994-2004, and 2005-2017.

    He has publications in Arabic, English and French on politics of development, political theory, political change and human rights in the Arab world.

  • Zwail

    Dr. Nadine Sika

    Professor of Political Science at AUC