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National Strategy for the Empowerment of Egyptian Women 2030



National Council for Women


Based on the recent transformations witnessed by the Egyptian society since 2011, Egypt is progressing confidently towards building a new future for all the nation’s sons and daughters. Serious efforts to truly empower the broader base of Egyptian women, ensure their full participation, and support the fulfillment of their full potential, contributes to the nation-building process and the achievement of sustainable development. Sustainable development entails a process of societal change that offers real and undiminished opportunities for all women to build their human capacities that would, in turn, widen their choices and enable their self-fulfillment and service of the nation. Egypt has achieved significant progress on the women’s empowerment agenda in recent years, the most important of which is the adoption of the Egyptian Constitution (Framework 1). The Constitution includes several provisions that guarantee equal opportunities for women, prevents any discrimination against them, and ensures their protection. The said provisions are in line with the enlightening role that Egypt has long assumed throughout the ages. As a result of the enactment of the Constitution, women reached the highest percentage of representation in the history of the Egyptian Parliament since its establishment. Moreover, a quarter of the Local Councils seats are reserved for women and the first ever woman Governor was appointed. On the social level, the gender gap in education was narrowed and maternal mortality rates have decreased. Furthermore, a number of amendments have been introduced to personal status laws, in addition to imposing stricter legal penalties on the crimes of female genital mutilation (FGM) and sexual harassment. In spite of this progress, the Egyptian society still faces major challenges in empowering a wide base of women. This suggests the dire need for a comprehensive and ambitious strategy that is owned and activated by all social strata and institutions.

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National Strategy for the Empowerment of Egyptian Women 2030