Vision and Mission, Code of ethics and Resources plan

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- Our Vision:

Producing and providing high quality, credible research based on robust data in both a timely and cost- effective manner in political, economic, social, and cultural fields. Baseera team members dedicate their efforts to provide insightful advices and accurate informaton for our clients.

- Objectives:

• Promoting the informed use of evidence–based public opinion research on developmental, socio-economic and political spheres.

• Creating societal dialogues on major issues that impacts on the Egyptian citizen's lives.

• Providing consultations in Baseera working fields and its areas of expertise.

• Designing and delivering capacity building and training programs in Baseera working fields.

• Providing and continuously updating a database of field surveys and public opinion polls.

• Building partnerships with governmental, non-governmental and international organizations to support public opinion research.

• Disseminating the findings and sharing best practices in this field both locally and internationally.

• Disseminating the findings and sharing best practices in this field both locally and internationally.

• Empowering Egyptian citizens with information that strengthens their role in the process of accountability and transparency achievement.

- Code of ethics:

Pursuant to develop a culture of using public opinion research, Baseera is committed to ethical practices which organize conducting the public opinion research around the world. These practices are based on a set of professional and ethical principles that all the users of research findings and the public in general should adhere to. Adherence to these principles is necessary to maintain people’s trust in the center and its credibility, and to promote public opinion polls industry in general.

- Resources plan:

• Baseera as a specialized institution has a team of researchers, assisting staff, in addition to a crew of temporary staff, and experts recruited when needed.

• Baseera has a well-equipped headquarter that provides its employes with assisting services such as mailing services, printing, communications, as well as audio-visual services and the necessary statistical packages such as the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).

• Baseera’s office has a training hall for training courses given to its staff whether permanent or non-permanent employees. Further, the center is equipped with meeting rooms to receive visitors, conduct workshops and host public figures to discuss topics of concern.

• Baseera has a well-equipped call center at the highest standards for conducting telephone-based surveys, which enables us to conduct an average of 2000 phone calls per day, baseera also makes its call center available for other companies and research centers to impliment their various activities.

• Baseera has a large library which contains many books, periodicals and research papers in different fields of measuring public opinion, population, economy, health and other fields,The center provides students and researchers, as well as those who work in media with access to the library to utilize its contents in their research and studies.

• Baseera has a mobile application for opinion polls through which baseera can collect a huge amount of data in a short time.

Recent Polls

Baseera is an independent, and nonpartisan private entity for evidence-based public opinion research, and it is committed to providing researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and the general public with reliable information on public attitudes and trends concerning influential policy matters.


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