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Baseera has an extensive experience in the field of public opinion polls gained through diverse research areas and various activities of the quantitative research in which Baseera operate , Its continuity to conduct public opinion polls with different subjects, and this in addition to the accumulated expertise by its team.

Baseera is endeavoring to disseminate its experiences and Knowledge among employees and those interested in this field.

Baseera cooperates with various specialized entities in presenting trainings concerned with introducing the definition to Researchers, specialists and non-specialists in the field of public opinion studies, ethics, Reading and understating the numbers in its context, the importance of public opinion polls in periods of democratic transition and other trainings which revolves around the areas of public opinion Based on the center vision to provide information to the citizen, Baseera is concerned with media professionals capacity building to understand the statistical data and its usage through workshops and trainings on the methods to conduct opinion polls public, stages of conduct and common mistakes, and how to deploy opinion polls in the media, audio and visual .

Recent polls

Baseera is an independent, and nonpartisan private entity for evidence-based public opinion research, and it is committed to providing researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and the general public with reliable information on public attitudes and trends concerning influential policy matters.


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