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It is a daily information service available to all citizens through e-mail for free, and aiming at bridging gaps in relation to many of the public policies issues , It also adds a vital evidence-based dimension to community discussions which can effectively contribute to formulate the policies.

"Number of the Day” service was launched in September 2012. since that time has Baseera is been keen to research and study numbers in order to always characterized as short , clear and modern. Also , Baseera took into account the liability of the source to ensure the validity of the information, and sent to its subscribers regularly.

Baseera was keen to provide more than 20 numbers in different field such as politics, education, health, economy, tourism, culture, technology, sports, arts and other fields, to try to provide the information to all available categories of different interests , orientations and backgrounds.

Number of the day is characterized by providing comparisons between different countries to get to the meaning and the meaning of the number, as well as provide comparisons of time to see the change that has occurred in certain percentage. In addition to comparisons between the numbers and proportions of the different areas that can compare.

The service is joined widely among different groups ,between academics and senior writers, contributing to enriching the public areas as a result of discussion of various important issues. For example, Baseera issued a record compared to the number of public libraries in Egypt, which was less than the number of branches Americana Restaurants in Egypt a heated debate sparked among intellectuals about the need to spread the culture of reading and knowledge among the Egyptians. Also the debate that was stirred up by the comparison between workers in the size "of the Egyptian Company for Communications" and equal company "Google" almost the gap between the two companies and revenues.

Also the service is available a via through trival paid SMS text though the service the subscriber receives daily two different numbers .

The service is available free to all free of charge by subscription via e-mail, which connects to the subscriber through a day record, also available on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Center offers a place " Number of the day " service in both Arabic and English Companies , entities and various institutions can used " Number of the day " service to send figures in the fields or specific topics, in partnership with the Canadian Aid Agency has Baseera send a number of special numbers as a development every day for one year.

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Baseera is an independent, and nonpartisan private entity for evidence-based public opinion research, and it is committed to providing researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and the general public with reliable information on public attitudes and trends concerning influential policy matters.


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