Conference Organization

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Baseera holds the foresight to prepare and organize an entire conference process, we have a dedicated team in public relations and Organize all conferences, seminars, and workshops. Baseera is able to organize the largest conferences in the shortest possible time, including all logistical processes( hall reservation , invite VIP speakers, sending invitations, follow up on confirmations, meeting room set up, booking rooms for guests, Booking breakfast, lunch ,dinner coffee breaks, Sound Engineering, translation, prepare a media list , prepare publications, provide a printing machine, provide video and photography, Design and print banners.

Also, we have a specialized team to follow up on the day of the event : welcoming the guests, registration of guests, distribution of publications , Make sure to synchronize the conference or workshop or seminars agenda .

Also Baseera holds the foresight to write the final report and monitor the event results and its media adherence in diverse media channels.

Baseera working premises also enjoys an access to support services such as e-services, printing, communication as courier services, as well as audio and visual services to facilitate the operational process .

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Baseera is an independent, and nonpartisan private entity for evidence-based public opinion research, and it is committed to providing researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and the general public with reliable information on public attitudes and trends concerning influential policy matters.


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