Administrative Structure

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Baseera has a team of highly qualified members with an extensive experience in different fields of research.

1- Management team:
- CEO and Manging Director: Dr. Magued Osman

Baseera is headed by Dr. Magued Osman, one of the pioneers of statistics and public opinion research in Egypt. Dr. Osman previously headed the Information and Decision Support Center in the Cabinet of Ministers from January 2005 until he was appointed as the Minister of Communication and Technology Information in the transitional govern- ment in February 2011.

Dr. Osman was also the director of the Demographic Center in Cairo, and oversaw the implementation of the project “promoting evidence-based dialogue on population and development issues ,”that was funded by the United Nations Population Fund. Also he was responsible for issuing the official report on “Population Status in Egypt” report.

Dr. Osman is also a Professor, at the Department of Statistics in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University. He is also a member on the boards of trustees of several universities, associations, and non-governmental organizations. Dr. Osman is the founding president of the Arab Network of Public Opinion Polling Centers and the Vice President of the Union of Arab Statisticians.

Dr. Osman had provided consultation services to a number of regional and international organizations such as the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Population Fund, the UN Women's Organization ,Unicef ,the World Bank, the Canadian Research Centre for International Development, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the Economic Research Forum.

Dr. Osman has issued a number of publications on public opinion polls, statistics and population, and governance. He took on the supervision of several important surveys in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE including; the “World Values Survey in Egypt”, and the “National Survey for Corruption Perceptions .” Moreover, he has designed and implemented a large number of public opinion polls since 2005.

- Operations Director Dr. Hanan Girgis

Dr. Hanan Girgis is one of the promising young experts in the field of social and demograph- ic research in Egypt, with extensive experience in public opinion polls, field surveys, demo- graphic studies and vital statistics.

She was the executive director of the “promoting evidence-based dialogue on population and development issues ,” project from March, 2008 until June, 2012. Her work included overseeing the preparation of the official report on the “Population Status in Egypt” starting from its second report.

2- Board members:
- Mr. Mohamed Kassem/ Chairman of the Board
- Dr. Ahmed Galal/ President of Economic Research forum / Former Minister of Finance
- Dr. Ahmed Fikry Abdel Wahab/ Executive president/ General Manager &CEO of Egyptian German Automotive Co. – EGA (S.A.E.)
- Dr. Ibrahim Awad/ Professor of Public Policies at AUC
- Dr. Abla Abed Al Latiff/ Professor of Economics atAUC
- Dr. Mustapha Kamel Al Sayed/ Professor of Political Science at Cairo University
- Dr. Nadine Sika/ Assistant Professor of Political Science at AUC

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Baseera is an independent, and nonpartisan private entity for evidence-based public opinion research, and it is committed to providing researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and the general public with reliable information on public attitudes and trends concerning influential policy matters.


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